Who we are

Our family has been linked to agricultural activity and the cultivation of vineyards in the Doglianese area for generations and has been conducting the land around Cascina Candia in the Municipality of Dogliani for almost a century on the borders with the adjacent Farigliano.

Today we live in the company and we dedicate our time in three people.

Caraglio Gianfranco

The youngest, now owner of the company that has brought in the knowledge acquired in the agricultural sector in recent years, but in particular in viticulture and oenology, taking care of making the wines known locally, but also international.

Caraglio Piero and Pinuccia

The parents, who after having taken other paths from younger people, since the 80s have been exclusively engaged in the company, contributing with the work they manage to support over time.

Today it is only occasionally and during the harvest phase that it is necessary to request help from additional personnel, therefore we can define the family business.

Short history

The Caraglio family settled in the Candia farmhouse at the end of the 1920s by the will of Gianfranco’s great-grandfather, Celso called “Ceciu” in the Piedmontese dialect, he had previously worked in agriculture and wine in another farmhouse in the area.

Then Francesco, Celsus’s son, called Cichin, with his numerous brothers and sisters devoted himself entirely to work in the vineyards and fields; Piero took over from his grandfather together with the two male brothers Mario and Giuseppe who left life on earth too soon.

The Caraglio farm was historically mixed market although viticulture prevailed; specifically, the land is also cultivated with a stable meadow or forest, until a few years ago some seasons alternated with cereals.

Until 2002 there was a Piedmontese cattle farm in the company that allowed the re-use and “transformation” of cereals and fodder, then more specificity of address was required in addition to the adaptation to the new legal regulations and, closed the breeding, in the stable thanks to a careful restoration the new cellar was built in 2005.

Fodder is currently sold to nearby companies to feed Piedmontese cattle for reuse.

Company philosophy

We would like to describe some things that we believe in and that are fundamental to running a farm and winery as we think it, if you have the patience to read them, you will know our reality better.

Our history requires us to follow the traditions both in the management of the vineyard and in the work of winemaking and cellar. We try not to arrive at standardized products and to leave, on the contrary, that every year the wine has its different nuances respecting the harvested grapes.

Each year the wine will therefore have precise qualities to “expose and communicate”, we believe that only in this way, in addition to being a drink, will wine be able to excite, “speaking” to the consumer about its history.

Through recent knowledge in the vineyard we minimize pesticide interventions and today we completely cancel the use of synthetic herbicides mainly using mechanical techniques to control spontaneus grass. While not adhering to organic agriculture in a certified sense, we want to use nature-friendly products, of natural or non-natural origin, in the treatments and thanks to the new research over the years, we introduce more attention to biological control such as sexual confusion for the control of some insects or the stimulus to strengthen the defense mechanisms of the vines themselves.

The aim is to avoid the risk of unwanted residues on the grapes and consequently in the wines.