Dogliani and the Langhe

The Langhe are a hilly area south of Piedmont on the right of the Tanaro river which divides them from Alba and Bra from Roero to the west.
To the south, the Langhe go to the part with the highest altitude (called Alta Langa) in the first offshoots of the Maritime Alps and Ligurian Apennines.
The lower altitude can be reached right near Alba at about 200 m a.s.l .; as regards the lower Langa, viticulture and agriculture are flanked by some industries and many crafts; in addition to the large center of Alba, the former are in some smaller towns with more limited activities, while craftsmanship is widespread everywhere.
Alta Langa is instead poorer in secondary activities and viticulture is also very limited, but cattle and sheep farms have developed, with the production of quality cheeses also in PDO, which are perfectly combined with the wines obtained more Valley.