The vineyards

The vineyard area is close to 6 hectares, to which are added a rented vineyard of a neighboring farm of about one hectare.

We have 3 historic vineyards of the Dolcetto variety from which we obtain most of the Dogliani Docg, the largest one approaching the surface of one and a half hectares and it is the oldest that we lead, approaching 50 years.

Another and younger vineyard which we have always called “topia vineyard”, was replanted in 2006, in the full South position and is made up partly of Dolcetto and partly of Barbera grape variety.

In 2009, after having explanted the previous glorious Barbera vineyard in full southern exposure (about 70 years of age!), The first Nebbiolo plants were planted on the farm.

More recently we started the production of the Langhe Bianco with the young Viognier vineyard which in other parts is made of Nascetta grapes which will soon give rise to a new label.

In the meantime, on well-exposed land, we have increased the Nebbiolo and Barbera area.